About us

As a child, I always wanted to find out how things work: by tinkering, looking at devices and opening them up, often damaging them and - when getting older - repairing them.

In addition, I discovered at a young age that I was able to create beautiful shapes. When I was 16 years old I read an article about the designer Henry Dreyfuss , known for the round Honeywell thermostat, I knew that I wanted to be a designer.


After graduating at the Design Academy in Eindhoven in 1993 I started designing  and developing in-store and display materials. First in The Netherlands and from 1999 also in Denmark. The strong desire to also do product design & development was the incentive to start on my own in 2007.

I now work both in The Netherlands and Denmark.

About our work

The combination of in-store and product design in my work is unique and helps me reinventing and being creative. With in-store design, the objects are large and have a more architectural design language, which I combine with the aesthetics and attention for details in product design.

Working with customers both in Denmark and the Netherlands enriches my work. Both cultures are a source of inspiration and complement each other. I learn from the influence of trends and international developments in both countries, which is visible in my work.

For many years I have had a special interest, which I now recognize i a global design trend, i.e. "circular design" and "circular economy": to design products in a way that they can be reused or recycled .

This fits seamlessly with one of my big hobbies: I collect and repair old items, instead of buying new things.


I am always conscious of the products and materials that I design and use.


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Office Denmark:

Gammel Skørpingvej 160

9520 Skørping

Office The Netherlands:

PLEK Apeldoorn

Vlijtseweg 128a, 7317 AK Apeldoorn

The Netherlands

Mobile Denmark: +45 24 26 13 22

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Mail: bt@berndteuledesign.dk